Duration: 30 Minutes + Q&A

  • How you can use connected product data to drive business results
  • How grid is using IoT to change the way people view energy consumption and storage
  • What you need to get started with IoT

Driving Business Results

with IoT Featuring Xively

In this webinar, you will hear Ryan Lester, the Director of IoT Strategy at Xively and our CEO Scott Fielder talk about how you can build a connected product strategy for your business that will drive measurable ROI.

Join us for this webinar as we discuss:

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Xively is one of our premier technology partners and the leading IoT connected product management solution. A number of companies from industries such as light industrial, health and life sciences, energy utilities, and more are using the Xively platform to connect their products in a meaningful way to drive business results.


Scott has over 15 years of technology leadership experience focused on cloud, mobile, and emerging technologies. He is an expert developer, enterprise architect, and visionary across cloud, traditional development frameworks, mobile frameworks, and internet of things platforms.

Scott is currently the president and CEO of TriFin Labs Inc. and serves as Co-Founder/CTO for FishBetter Inc. He is also a former Technical Solution Architect at

Ryan J. Lester, Director of IoT Strategy at LogMeIn, and his team own the strategic development and implementation for the go to market plan for Xively, an IoT Connected Product Management platform.

He is passionate about making IoT easy and helping companies unlock new value through connected products. Prior to this role at LogMeIn, Ryan held various sales, marketing and product positions at Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems and Eaton Corporation. Ryan received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University, then a SM in Engineering Systems and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scott Fielder

Ryan Lester, Director of IoT Strategy, Xively

About our presenters: